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Medical Dermatology

Why Do I Still Get Acne?

We all know the feeling — a big day at work or a first date, and a zit pops up in your face. As an adult, you probably thought acne was a thing of the past — but you’re mistaken. Unfortunately,...read more

Medical Dermatology

3 Types of Rashes and How They Develop

When a rash pops up, it’s never a pleasant sign. You can suffer from various types of rashes, each causing problematic symptoms and unsightly bumps or redness. If you have a rash that comes on suddenly or keep getting the same...read more

Medical Dermatology

What Does Skin Cancer Actually Look Like?

About one in five Americans get skin cancer in their lifetime. It’s the most common type of cancer in the country, and it affects people of all ages and skin types. When you think of skin cancer, a large, dark mole might come...read more

Medical Dermatology

Is It Acne or Rosacea?

Sometimes called adult acne, rosacea can have what would appear to be similar symptoms to those that accompany acne in teenagers. Despite the red, bumpy appearance of each condition, the similarities end there. Acne and rosacea have different causes,...read more

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