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Ultralight LED Therapy

Improving your natural complexion, look and texture can be achieved with many ways. If you are looking for a simple treatment without downtime, Ultralight LED therapy can be a great option. UltraLight LED is a safe option of skin therapy that helps treat signs of aging, acne and rosacea, accelerates wound healing, the reduces of post-procedure swelling and inflammation and increase circulation.

What is Ultralight LED?

Ultralight LED therapy is a non-invasive and effective approach to treating various skin conditions. UltraLight uses LED lights to emit specific wavelengths of light that penetrate deep into the skin, stimulating cellular processes and promoting healing from within. UltraLight LED therapy has three LED lights (red, blue and green) to target specific parts of the skin.  This specificity allows a customizable treatment plan based on your skin needs.

Why choose Ultralight LED dermatology solutions?

  • Clinical Efficacy: Backed by extensive research and clinical studies, our Ultralight LED device are proven to deliver noticeable improvements in various skin conditions, providing patients with results they can see and feel.
  • Reliability and Quality: The Ultralight LED is designed with a focus on efficacy, reliability and safety to help optimize results.
  • Expert Support: The Beacon Dermatology team will help assist and customize a treatment plan to achieve your skin goals and partner with your journey. A customized skin care product plan can be discussed to optimize your Ultralight LED treatment.

What can I expect from the procedure?

After coming into the office, a member of the Beacon Dermatology team will cleanse your skin and place the Ultralight LED to the desired treatment area.  The treatment typically takes around 20 minutes and is painless and you can go back to your normal daily activities after the treatment.  There may be temporary and mild redness to the skin that resolves within a few days. We recommend gentle skin care products and sun protection after the treatment.

Ultralight LED therapy can be used a sole treatment or added to other laser and cosmetic treatments to aid in skin healing and reduced downtime.

How long will it take to see results?

Ultralight LED therapy stimulates your skin to promote new collagen, reduce acne/rosacea, skin inflammation and signs of aging.  Given that your body has to do the work, immediate results are not seen.  It can 2-4 weeks to start to see results with continued improvement over the course of a few months.  It is important that multiple treatments be completed to see optimal results and maintenance treatments are typically needed to continue to see the results.

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